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Welcome to CommuniKate Limited

Providing British Sign Language Communication Support Work & Specialist Deafblind Communicator Guide Services To The Deaf and Deafblind Community. 

CommuniKate Limited provides communication and support services to Deaf, Deafblind, Deafened and Hard of Hearing people.

We are based at Castle End Business Park, Reading and work throughout the surrounding areas and various parts of the UK, according to demand.

We design, develop and supply custom-made Care Packages pertaining to both the Service User and official Commissions, also known as Purchasing Authorities - collaboratively working together to provide an exceptional level of professionalism, due care and considerations required in this expert field.

Whilst working alongside often-vulnerable Deaf and Deafblind Service Users such as babies, children, adults and young adults alike with varying degrees of physical and mental capacities, autistic spectrum's, SEN, Disabilities and/or specific needs etc., we believe that a foundation based on establishing rapport, connections and trust is crucial.

 We are, therefore, proud to endorse a host of BSL CSA’s, DB CG’s and Interpreters on our books so that we can tailor support to requests, criteria, geographical proximity, skill, diversity, cultural preferences, applicable habits and more.

What is our aim?

Our aim is to promote equality and empowerment to the Deaf and Deafblind Community. We acquire this through fair access to communication, information, mobility, independence. We continually familiarise ourselves with relative advocacy, rights, current policies and codes of conduct & ethics which serves to meet the requirements of a safe and bespoke working relationship.


We are committed to allocating Assignments that match the specific criteria of the individual Service User. The Service User will be afforded opportunities inclusive of educational, physical, creative and social aspects via a structured development process.

 CommuniKate Ltd. endeavor to allocate the appropriate BSL CSA(‘s)/DB CG’s to the Service User in order for a complimentary working relationship and to continually build rapport.


Why use CommuniKate Ltd.?

We strive to provide excellence in our services to the Deaf, Deafblind, Deafened and Hard of Hearing. We aim to promote equality, respect and fairness through enabling people the chance to acknowledge and access their rights to communication, information and mobility.

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A - Z of CommuniKate Limited
Cooperation - working together to continuously promote and achieve the SU’s objectives, goals and outcomes. We work alongside people compatibly; offering them respect and dignity and empowering those who may otherwise be isolated and/or ostracised

Organisation – we pride ourselves on our organisational skills and record keeping

Modification – adapting our skills set and techniques to ensure the SU gains maximum benefit from our services     

Maintenance – consistently providing a great level of care and consideration

Unique – we really are! Team CommuniKate Ltd. work hard to ensure our SU’s are allocated the most propitious of Assignments and services; systematically providing a positive experience for all parties involved

New ideas – here at Team CommuniKate Ltd., we can’t wait to generate new ideas by working together to discuss ways of bettering our services. We use our “feedback matrix” as a starting point

Independence – our SU’s s have the right to independence, enablement, empowerment, participation, inclusion, equality and more. We respectfully empower our SU’s in line with their individual profile and requirements

Knowledge – We continually strive to ascertain all parties’ expectations and endeavour to provide accordingly. We always seek to improve our services, wherever possible, and engage in regular feedback

Action - we offer tailor-made services in order to enhance the SU’s quality of life

Transparency – remaining clear in all key areas

Empowerment - to maximise independence enabling more choice, control and flexibility

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Get in Touch

Unit 4, Castle End Business Park, Ruscombe, Reading RG10 9XQ



07757 212030

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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

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