line manager and CSW signing together
line manager and CSW signing together
line manager and CSW signing together

Welcome to CommuniKate Limited

CommuniKate Limited

Providing British Sign Language Communication Support Work & Specialist Deafblind Communicator Guide Services To The Deaf and Deafblind Community. 


CommuniKate Limited

CommuniKate Ltd. is an independent organisation providing communication support services to Deaf, Deafblind, Deafened and Hard of Hearing people.

 We are based in Slough, Berkshire and work throughout London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, the surrounding areas and various parts of the UK – wherever we are required to go! We cater to many bespoke contractual requests pertaining to both the Service User and official Commissions, also known as Purchasing Authorities - unanimously working together to provide an exceptional level of professionalism and due care required in this expert field.

What is our aim?

Our aim is to promote equality and empowerment to the Deaf and Deafblind Community. We acquire this through fair access to communication, information, mobility and independence. We regularly familiarise ourselves with relative advocacy and rights and codes of conduct & ethics which serves to meet the requirements of a bespoke and professional working relationship.

 We have a commitment to allocating Assignments that match the needs and criteria of our individual Service Users. The Service User(s) will be afforded many opportunities inclusive of an educational, physical, creative and social aspect as well as structured developments.


We endeavor to allocate the appropriate BSL CSA(‘s)/CG’s to the Service User(s) in order for a complimentary working relationship and to continually build rapport.


Why use CommuniKate Ltd.?


We strive to provide excellence in our services to the Deaf, Deafblind, Deafened and Hard of Hearing. We aim to promote equality, respect and fairness through enabling people the chance to acknowledge and access their rights to communication, information and mobility.


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Deafblind Communicator Guide

Kate Burlow is a Signature approved Level 2 Deafblind Communicator Guide. She has been working alongside Deafblind persons for many years and has plenty of experience in a host of (often random and last-minute!) Assignments.

Kate's favourite Assignments include Harry Potter World, zoo's, art, bowling, shopping, supporting in Educational settings and more! (please see "Meet The Team" for more info.)


British Sign Language Communication Support Assistants at Team CommuniKate Ltd.




We are proud to endorse a host of BSL CSA's and DB CG’s. on our books to allow the allocation of assignments to be tailored to either requests or criteria inclusive of the consideration for geographical proximity, skill, diversity, applicable habits and more.


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

Get in Touch

Slough and District Deaf Centre, Windmill Road, Slough, Berkshire, United Kingdom, SL1 3SU

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