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Alison Hayes
British Sign Language Communication Support Assistant

How did you come to choose to work alongside the Deaf/Deafblind?

I have been Deaf since birth and am a qualified as a Teacher of the Deaf teaching children from age 5 upwards. I have worked at Westgate College in Margate for 3 years and loved to work with post-16 students so have continued in my work in this area.

What relevant qualifications do you possess?

6 ‘O’ levels (yes I AM that old…), BA (Hons) in Social Science, PGCE in Primary Education, MA in Deaf Education

What’s your favourite colour?

Yellow because when I was at primary school I was in the yellow house!

Tell me an interesting story:

Towing my caravan along narrow country lanes in Cornwall caused much embarrassment in having cars building up behind me slowly. When another caravan wanted to manoeuvre past me, there wasn’t enough room to allow both caravans go past. Suddenly finding a whole herd of cows waiting to cross the road with the farmer mooing wildly prompted two men from a car behind to actually push my caravan towards the ditch – which precariously teetered on the edge towards the hedge. Thankfully the caravan didn’t crash into the ditch and the cows were safely ambling along the road until we shoved the caravan upright again and continued our way to St Ives without any further mishaps!

What frightens you?

Spiders!!! Absolutely hate them even though I know they are harmless and only trying to get inside out of the rain. Also I get shocked by loud sudden noises when I am engrossed in a novel or project.

Do you like Marmite?

Ohhhh I LOVE it! Especially Marmite chocolate and biscuits – while everyone else detests it. I even made marmite chocolate truffles in my work last month and everyone thought it was disgusting except for myself and one brave boy who said it was ‘spicy’!

Do you keep ketchup in the fridge or cupboard?

I keep ketchup in the cupboard as it does go quite quickly with my children in splattering it all over their chips! Also keeping ketchup in the fridge means the chips get much colder quicker which isn't nice after a few minutes as they're cold and soggy - yuk! 


Services Alison Provide:

I provide direct teaching to Deaf clients as have a wealth of resources at Slough Deaf centre. I work as a primary schoolteacher at Heathlands School during the week so am only available on Saturdays to teach Deaf clients from age 16 upwards for 4 hours. This is also twice weekly during school holidays. Clients also go out to bowling, trips to London, have BBQs, country parks and other events such as Eid festivals etc.

Should you have any Deaf clients who may wish to be involved with Deaf Aims, please do contact me.


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