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Kate Burlow

Director of CommuniKate Limited/
British Sign Language Communicator and Deafblind Communicator Guide

Background Information:

 I’ve been a fashion model since the late ‘90’s and began learning BSL in 2013 in consideration to an alternative and/or additional vocation. I have travelled the World and lived abroad on modelling Assignments and have experienced and learned from many people, places, languages and cultures; all of which have inspired me. 

I established CommuniKate in 2013 and my staunch desire is to allocate the most fitting Communication Support Assistant to the Service User for maximum rapport, especially in an educative setting or for more regular, prolonged Assignments. But it is also important for the SU to meet up with and have other CSA’s from time-to-time to break up the potential for reliance on the one CSA and to expose them to alternative techniques and vice-versa. 

How did you come to choose to work alongside the Deaf/Deafblind? :
I’ve travelled and lived all over the world for many years and I pick up languages really well. I am also very visual, courageous and have a thick skin so Signing is perfect for me because it is visual and the linguistics are fascinating.

Hobbies and Interests:

Astronomy, cosmology, history, gardening, the gym and walking the dogs. 

What relevant qualifications do you possess? :

2016 - Deaf Positives Action American Sign Language Workshop CPD 8 hours, 2015 - Signature approved Level 3 award Certificate in British Sign Language, 2013 - Signature approved Level 2 award in Communicating and Guiding Deafblind People., 2013  - BSL Level 3 Language Development Course (Part 1, 80 hours), 2011 - Signature approved Level 2 Award Certificate in British Sign Language, 2011 -  Introduction to Counselling Course Certificate, 2010  - Signature approved Level 1 Award Certificate in British Sign Language, 2010  - ABC awards Introduction to British Sign Language, 2009-2013 -NDCS Certificates for completion of raising funds.

Preferred method(s) of communication:

 I am Hearing. I Sign using BSL or SSE. 


Signature BSL Level 1, 2 and 3, BSL Level 3 Language Development Course, Level 2 Award in Communicating and Guiding Deafblind People, Introduction to Counselling, CPD ASL Workshop.

What’s your favourite colour? :


Tell me an interesting story:
When I was younger, my best friend at the time taught me how to finger-spell the alphabet. I thought it was a code at the time; not a language. It was only later when I attended a BSL Introductory class and the teacher began finger-spelling I thought to myself “Hang on, I know this!”


My favourite thing is:


A lie-in on a Sunday, Pizza and Mulberry handbags. 


I don't like:

When you tear off a piece of kitchen roll but it rips and some of it is left behind. Really gets to me (insert annoyed emoji here!)!! 
Oh, and people that are inconsiderate and should know better…. Don’t get me started! 

What frightens you? :
Spiders, running late and running low on lip-gloss.

Do you like Marmite?:
Love the stuff! ....on hot toasted thickly sliced Tiger Loaf bread with plenty of salted butter. Yes, I know: I have to go down the gym the next day!

Do you keep ketchup in the fridge or cupboard? :
I keep it in the cupboard. If anyone keeps it in the fridge then stop it!

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