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Patricia Chandler 
British Sign Language Communication Support Assistant

Background Information

I am profoundly Deaf in my left ear but I can hear fine with my right ear if I wear a Hearing Aid. If I don't wear a Hearing Aid in my right ear, I am unable to hear anything.

How did you come to choose to work alongside the Deaf/Deafblind?


 I was working with Alison Hayes at Deaf Aims and I love working with Deaf people so I took the opportunity to work with CommuniKate alongside Deaf Aims.

Hobbies and Interests

Histories, visiting places, art and crafts. bible studies, watching real life documentaries and socialising with Hearing and Deaf people.


What relevant qualifications do you possess?

N.V.Q Level 3 in Independent Living   

N.V.Q Level 4

A1 Assessor 

N.V.Q Level 3 in Work Guidance

Preferred method(s) of communication

BSL, SSE, spoken English but I need to be able to lipread or have an interpreter/signer.


Code and conduct 

Refresher courses

What’s your favourite colour?

My favourite colour is red. 

Tell me an interesting story:

At Marks and Spencers shop: I was told to write an exam assessment at a Job Centre for a part-time cleaner job. I went to the Job Centre and saw 22 people who all looked worried trying to answer questions on the form. I thought 'Oh dear, it must be hard!' When I was given the form, I laughed as the questions were very easy to follow such as 'how many legs does a spider have?' 'How many legs does a fly have?' I was happy as I got the job.

My favourite thing is:

Working with Deaf people.

I don't like: 

People talking too fast and fussy people.

What frightens you?

Spiders, violent people, when I don't understand people say and scary news.

Do you like Marmite?

Yes, but I prefer Bistro or Chicken/OXO Stock.

Do you keep ketchup in the fridge or cupboard?

When I do have ketchup, I clean the top before I put it in the fridge. I put the date on it and throw it away within 12 weeks after it has been opened.

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