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A- Z Of CommuniKate Ltd.




CommuniKate Limited provide communication and support services to Deaf, Deafblind, Deafened and Hard of Hearing people.

 We are based in Slough & District Deaf Centre, Berkshire and work throughout the surrounding areas and various parts of the UK, according to demand.

 We design, develop and supply custom-made Care Packages pertaining to both the Service User and official Commissions, also known as Purchasing Authorities - collaboratively working together to provide an exceptional level of professionalism, due care and considerations required in this expert field.

 Whilst working alongside often-vulnerable Deaf and Deafblind Service Users such as babies, children, adults and young adults alike with varying degrees of physical and mental capacities, autistic spectrums, SEN, Disabilities and/or specific needs etc., we believe that a foundation based on establishing rapport, connections and trust is crucial.

  We are, therefore, proud to endorse a host of BSL CSA’s, DB CG’s and Interpreters on our books so that we can tailor support to requests, criteria, geographical proximity, skill, diversity, cultural preferences, applicable habits and more.

  • Cooperation - working together to continuously promote and achieve the SU’s objectives, goals and outcomes. We work alongside people compatibly; offering them respect and dignity and empowering those who may otherwise be isolated and/or ostracised

  • Organisation – we pride ourselves on our organisational skills and record keeping

  • Modification – adapting our skills set and techniques to ensure the SU gains maximum benefit from our services     

  • Maintenance – consistently providing a great level of care and consideration

  • Unique – we really are! Team CommuniKate Ltd. work hard to ensure our SU’s are allocated the most propitious of Assignments and services; systematically providing a positive experience for all parties involved

  • New ideas – here at Team CommuniKate Ltd., we can’t wait to generate new ideas by working together to discuss ways of bettering our services. We use our “feedback matrix” as a starting point

  • Independence – our SU’s s have the right to independence, enablement, empowerment, participation, inclusion, equality and more. We respectfully empower our SU’s in line with their individual profile and requirements

  • Knowledge – We continually strive to ascertain all parties’ expectations and endeavour to provide accordingly. We always seek to improve our services, wherever possible, and engage in regular feedback

  • Action - we offer tailor-made services in order to enhance the SU’s quality of life

  • Transparency – remaining clear in all key areas

  • Empowerment - to maximise independence enabling more choice, control and flexibility


Do I need to sign a CommuniKate Ltd. contract?


 Yes, we require you to sign our CommuniKate Ltd. T&C’s contract. This will be emailed to you in full and you may sign and scan it to us or post it back to us -whatever is most convenient for you. Please take your time and peruse the contract in its entirety to remain confident of all contractual obligations.

What are CommuniKate Ltd.’s rates?

We charge an hourly fee plus mileage for a minimal of two hours per Assignment, except when in virtual attendance, charged by the hour. The rate is standard between the hours of 8am-6pm Monday to Friday and remunerated at time-and-a-half between the hours of 6pm-8am Monday to Friday, weekends and Bank holidays. Subject to availability.


 As required by law, there is a minimum wage entitlement for the time a BSL CSA / DB CG spend in their car travelling to and from the Service Users Home. This is called “Carers Allowance”. At present, costs are included in the hourly rate and stand at a blanket £9.50 per hour to the Service Users Home and £9.50 per hour return. (as of Date: April, 2022)


 In order to comply with our Care Plan Initiative, we apply a fee per Daily Feedback Form and Daily Progress Report (DFF’s & DPR’s), authorised at the Purchasing Authority’s discretion.


 Please refer to CommuniKate Ltd.’s Terms and Conditions for all inclusions and specifications regarding our rates. All pricing above are exclusive of VAT charged at the standard rate of 20%.

 Does CommuniKate Ltd. offer anything special that other Agencies don’t?

The DFF / DPR’s are an integral part of our Care Plan Initiative offered to all Service User’s. They incorporate indispensable daily evaluations and information relative to the Service User’s progressive approaches to their objectives, outcomes, goals and expectations.

 We regularly upload these for the perusal of the Service Users’ Social Worker, Client and/or Guardian as a means of sharing the SU’s developments, progressions, improvements and learning outcomes as well as photographic testaments (subject to GDPR).

These Forms/Reports act as a continuous observation and include relevant and detailed information so that we may continuously monitor and enhance the quality of our services and to ensure mutually beneficial managerial objectives favourable to the Service User.

We can also remain confident that, to the best of our knowledge when handling any concerns or feedback, we have a detailed report. This assists us with (any) queries in regards to the Service User, the LSA, the Tutor, other Students, the designated BSL CSA and/or any other relevant parties.


 How are Assignments booked through CommuniKate Ltd.?

CommuniKate Ltd. will liaise with the preferred chosen party (usually a Social Worker, designated family member or Client) to provide services to, or offer relevant Assignments to, the Service User inclusive of all details: time, date, location, materials to bring, allocated BSL CSA or Deafblind CG, monetary requests, suggested attire, changes to a schedule etc.

 Once a Booking has been confirmed, whether it be via email, text, verbally or in writing by the designated decision-maker, CommuniKate Ltd. will upload all relative information onto our secure online diary, Asana. Each official party member associated with the Service User will be provided with their own unique link to Asana whereby they can access the Service User’s information pertaining to their Assignments. For example, Asana project members can add comments, send a message, or they may have a query or simply wish to peruse the regular additions to the Service User’s photo gallery. Or they can access the DFF/DPR’s in order to track progressions. Please see “Asana Pro's” for more information on the benefits of this online diary system.


 Adhering to the above ensures all insurances and details are in place prior to the commencement of Assignment, plus the Assignment will have been officially recognised, authorised and agreed by all parties involved.

 The details of a(n) Assignment(s) are then deemed confirmed and contractual obligations apply.

 We also require our BSL CSA’s/DB CG’s to “Check-in” via Asana the evening before their Assignment to confirm attendance for the next day. This further ensures Bookings are coordinated to the best of our ability.

What if I need to contact a representative of CommuniKate Ltd.?

You may contact us on our mobile, 07757212030, for phone-calls, what’s app, text messages or FaceTime. The CommuniKate Ltd. Business Mobile is available between the hours of 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday for any work-related correspondence.

 Our usual response time is up to 2 hours. Any contact outside of these hours will typically not be addressed until 9am of the following working morning.  


 Alternatively, you may email or 24/7.

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