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Jaime Hodgson

British Sign Language Communication Support

Background Information

I live in Slough and have been involved in theatre work for as long as I can remember. Outside of theatre, I have worked on the rides at a theme park and at a special needs school. Now I am here at CommuniKate Ltd..

How did you come to choose to work alongside the Deaf /Deafblind?

I have been interested in BSL for years since learning to fingerspell the alphabet as a child. As I have become older, I wanted to provide access and support to the Deaf and Deafblind community. I feel this is a great way to use both my skills.

Hobbies and Interests

Drama, singing, video games and I have recently gotten into various crafts.

What relevant qualifications do you possess?

BSL Level 3.

Preferred method(s) of communication



I am currently on numerous training courses online via Care Skills Academy.

What’s your favourite colour?

Purple or black

Tell me an interesting story:

I used to work at a theme park and as part of my training, I had to walk the stairs of a 85ft ride while it was running. The people on the ride looked very confused when they passed me.


My favourite thing is:

Acting and singing. So musicals are a win for me!

I don't like: 

Mints, beans and coffee.

What frightens you?

Dark spaces - only because I am worried someone will jump out at me.

Do you like Marmite?

Yes, especially with cheese!

Do you keep ketchup in the fridge or cupboard?

Fridge once it's been opened.

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