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Remote video calling

At CommuniKate Limited, we can be flexible in providing remote video calling where needed via a range of online platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams etc.. Here at CommuniKate Limited, we tailor for the Service User's individual needs to ensure they get they achieve the best outcome whilst using remote video calling platforms.

Tips we use to maximise our/your online remote video calling experience:

  • Please ensure your audio is on. It is good to have the sound on because the participants profile box lights up to let you know who is making a sound. This helps identify who is communicating using their vocals or trying to get attention such as tapping etc.

  • Please ensure your video is on and your settings allow for this

  • The screen layout needs to be adjusted so you can “see” all participants

  • We recommend using a laptop, tablet, iPad or computer when viewing “content sharing”. A mobile phone hinders this because it simply doesn’t provide enough screen space to view documents

  • When content sharing, we have the opportunity to hand over the controls (or mouse) to the participants(s) so they may actively engage in task work

  • Please ensure your phone or iPad/phone is standing in the correct position (Landscape) on a safe foundation

  • Please ensure good lighting on the participant and preferably with minimal light streaming in from behind them

  • Please ensure there are no loud background noises, such as washing machines or telephone calls, and that you can focus on the subject meeting

  • Please ensure there are minimal distractions from all participants in order to keep the Service User focused

  • We would like the Service User to learn how to use the online platforms by themselves so that they are empowered to independently use this platform to communicate without having to rely on the Guardians of the Service User​

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